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  • Activity Venue: Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum (China Knives, Scissors& Swords Museum, China Umbrella Museum and China Fan Museum)

    Activity Time: 9:00—16:30 Tuesday to Sunday.

    Activity Content: ACM Workshops on the 3rd floor of Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum   

    Hangzhou Arts & Crafts Museum has established ACM Workshops according to six categories of basic display, and launched 16 projects including magnetic paper-cut, water-color woodblock printing, mud painting and cloth paste painting and so on, which are very popular with youth and children. They get closer to industrial arts and become little “camps” to carry forward and inherit industrial arts. For detailed contents, see “List of ACM Workshops”. 

    Consultation Telephone: 0571-88197506
    Route Guidance: Bus routes and destinations: take No. 70, No. 61 or No. 591 bus and get off at Taizhou Crossing, cross Gongchen Bridge and turn left for 300 meters; take No. 79 or No. 129 bus and get off at West of Gongchen Bridge Station, cross Gongchen Bridge and turn left for 300 meters; water bus: Gongchen Bridge Station, cross Gongchen Bridge and turn left for 300 meters. 







    Magnetic paper-cut

    Within 10cm

    5 Yuan/piece


    20 Yuan/piece


    23 Yuan/piece

    Water-color woodblock printing

    Woodblock such as little duck and farmer etc.

    10 Yuan/2 pieces

    Cloth paste painting

    Children version: Kitty cat, fish, sheep, snail, strawberry, little girl, apple

    20 Yuan/piece

    Juvenile version: song in rain

    30 Yuan/piece

    Adult version (simple): beauty with a fan

    40 Yuan/piece

    Adult version (complicated): Hui’an girl

    50 Yuan/piece

    Wheat-straw cut and paste

    Small wheat-straw cut and paste fan

    20 Yuan/piece

    Large wheat-straw cut and paste fan

    25 Yuan/piece

    Wheat-straw cut and paste painting

    30 Yuan/piece

    Ribbon embroidery

    Flower fragrance, small station, rurality

    20 Yuan/piece


    Small pendants

    6 Yuan/piece

    Card bag

    8 Yuan/piece


    20 Yuan/piece

    Paper art painting

    Chrysanthemum, Ivy Glorybind Rhizome, morning glory, fish playing with water, capsicum, hydrangea

    20 Yuan/piece

    Colored mud painting

    Bubble fish, monkey, horse, crab, Pretty Sheep, cozy home

    20 Yuan/piece

    Scratch colored painting


    5 Yuan/piece

    My furniture

    4-piece set

    25 Yuan/piece

    Plane, bike, beat-up car, chair, desk cabinet

    20 Yuan/piece

    Small embroidered shoes


    10 Yuan/piece

    Colorful cloth bag


    15 Yuan/piece

    Hand painted facial

    makeup in Beijing



    10 Yuan/piece

    Elegant fan


    10 Yuan/piece

    Colorful beads

    Goldfish, white rabbit, dog, frog

    10 Yuan/piece

    Flower, long-eared rabbit

    15 Yuan/piece

    Apple, colored ball

    20 Yuan/piece

    Hand painted oiled paper umbrella


    40 Yuan/piece


    50 Yuan/piece


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