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  • Themed route:  embrace the charms of the canal on one boat? experience water households heart and soul 




       Start from Wulinmen Dock, go northward along ancient canal (known as “a jade ribbon in paradise and a picture scroll through all eternities”) in antique boats, pass Xihu Cultural Square, Zhaohui Bridge, Chaowang Bridge, Imperial Dock, Fuyi Granary, Qianlong Boat, Dadou Road, Xiangjisi Temple, Xiaohezhi Street, Qingsha Park, Qiaoxizhi Street. Appreciate new sceneries of ancient canal, such as New Appearance of Wulin, City in Spring Red, Recollections on River Bridge, Moon Embraced by Three Rivers and Mediation on the Past of Gongchen etc., and taste millennium charms of Grand Canal. At last, arrive at Gongchen Bridge—the southernmost landmark of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and “No. 1 Ancient Bridge in Jiangnan” and then make a return voyage. You will go through the ancient and present eras and get to know two thousand years. Embrace the charms of the canal on one boat; experience water households heart and soul. You will closely feel the unique charms of Hangzhou Section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

      1. According to your need, you may get off at West (or East) of Gongchen Bridge Dock, tour Fuyi Granary and return to Gongchen Bridge Dock. Other personalized routes are available.

      2. For a single journey from Wulinmen to Gongchen Bridge, get off at West (or East) of Gongchen Bridge Dock, and visit three Canal Industrial Halls to the west of the bridge (China Knives, Scissors& Swords Museum, China Umbrella Museum and China Fan Museum) and China Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Museum to the east of the bridge.
    Route Guidance:Wulinmen—Gongchen Bridge —Wulinmen (30 minutes for a single journey and 1 hour for return journey)

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