Established in 1986, Chengdong Bridge was located in Airport Road. It spans cross Connection Section of Qiantang River and belongs to Grand Canal. The bridge is 90.30m in length, 18m in width and has T-shaped reinforced concrete simple supported beam, reinforced concrete hamming pile and open box type bearing platform.

    It was said that there was a White Temple that consecrates prime minister of Han Dynasty Xiao He below the bridge. Though the Canal Bridge had replaced the temple on the site, local aged people remember well of the White Temple. The temple faced north, had three-room depth and covered land area of over 200mu. In front of the temple, there were two bridges, i.e. White Temple Bridge and Fanjia Bridge. The temple was close to silk workshops. Most families had looms in the region. There was also a God of Loom Temple within the present Jisheng Village. It was said Chu Zai, the ninth-generation grandson of Chu Suiliang, was the God of Loom. He was said to brought silk weaving technology from Guangling to Hangzhou and was consecrated by Hangzhou people as God of Loom. In the southwest of Chengdong Bridge is the newly built Jinghui Garden. The riverside area below the bridge has been built into Canal Garden. 

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