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  • Themed route:  Themed route: Tour millennium canal by boat? Roam millennium Tangqi 



       “Tour millennium canal by boat and roam five streets of Tangqi”. Ancient town Tangqi is characterized with ancient buildings. Those grand courtyards from Ming and Qing Dynasties have fire seals, retreat in lanes and extend many subordinate lanes. As a water town, its street fronts are built along the river, commonly known as “building over the street”. 



      Start from Wulinmen Dock at 9:00 a.m., go northward along ancient canal in antique boats and experience vicissitudes of the canal. Appreciate new sceneries of ancient canal, such as New Appearance of Wulin, City in Spring Red, Recollections on River Bridge, Moon Embraced by Three Rivers and Mediation on the Past of Gongchen, Natural Ferry at Dongtang, Double Melodies of Ancient Bridge and Fishing Songs of Shuibei etc., and closely feel water households’ life. View shuttling boats, recall past scull sounds and sail shadows, experience the flowing and busy Grand Canal at present. When the boat arrives at [Tangqi Ancient Town], get ashore to view ancient relics and charms of Tangqi, such as water, bridges, wells, temples, steles, streets, residences and corridors; walk on lanes and streets, and cross corridors and lanes; tour Tangqi Five Streets, Emperor Qianlong’s Imperial Stele, Three and A Half Lanes, Shinan Water Lane and other sceneries; feast on famous cuisines such as Soft Sliced Eel, Tangqi Dried Salted Duck, Sheep Tail in Red Bean Paste and Glutinous Rice Meat Ball etc.; buy local specialties such as Fagen, Zhuyitang Pastry, Crisp Sesame Sugar, Clear Water Silk Wadding etc.. Therefore, you will experience historical and cultural accumulations of Tangqi Ancient Town, the No. 1 of Top 10 Famous Towns in Jiangnan, and will be immersed in unique charms of Tangqi as a water town in Jiangnan and a famous town of the canal. Return to Hangzhou by boat in the afternoon.


    Route Guidance: Wulinmen—Tangqi Ancient Town —Wulinmen (about 8 hours for return journey)

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