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  • Route Theme:Appreciate the Convergence of River and Canal? View Splendid Qiantang River 



        Set sail at Wulinmen Dock at 19:15 p.m., go southward along ancient canal to appreciate new sceneries, such as New Appearance of Wulin, Long Stone Fence, Sound of Tide Flapping on Stones, Mediation on the Past of Canal, Autumn Charms of Genxin, River and Canal Bathed in Flowing Rosy Clouds. Arrive at Sanbao Ship Lock, “when the river rises, the boat floats high”; you will see the perfect combination of river and canal, experience natural transition from being graceful to being majestic, and also appreciate wonderful convergence of river and canal. After leaving the ship lock, view vast and splendid sceneries of Qiantang River by starlight; feel great achievements and historical changes after Hangzhou steps into Qiantang River era. Watch New Qianjiang City from afar that changes with each passing day; see resplendent Fuxing Bridge (Qianjiang The 4th Bridge) and then make a return voyage. 

    Route Guidance: Wulinmen—Sanbao Ship Lock—Fuxing Bridge (Qianjiang The 4th Bridge)—Wulinmen (about 3 hour for return journey)

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