Guangji Bridge formerly named Tongji Bridge and Bitian Bridge and was called by locals as Long Bridge. Located in northwest of Tangxi Town, it stretches north-south across the Grand Canal like a rainbow. It is the only existing 7-arch stone arch bridge as well as the largest preserved thin-pier across the ancient Grand Canal and is the largest thin-pier multiple arch stone bridge across the Grand Canal. 

    Guangji Bridge adopted longitudinally paratactic segmented masonry. The horizontal length is 78.7m, the face width is 6.12m and the rise of arch is 7.75m. The existing appearance is the result of continuous repair over past 500 years. The bridge is 89.71m in span and has seven arches. The span of the middle arch is 15.8 and the spans of other arches are between 8-11m. There are totally 160 stone steps on the bridge and 16 seat pillars at each bridgeheads. The stone railing panel are plain, with rolling cloud designed drum-shaped bearing stones on the both ends of the panel. Totally there are 64 baluster columns. The quadrangle balusters are carved upset lotus pattern.

    The year of the initial construction of the bridge remains unknown and is difficult to trace. It is said that the bridge was completed by stonemason architect Yu Chigong during Baoli and Linde reign in Tang Dynasty. After the bridge was collapsed during Hongzhi reign of Ming Dynasty, local people crossed the river by ferry and many people fell overboard in windy weather. At the time, Chen Shouqing from Ningbo volunteered to raise money for rebuilding the bridge. He went to the capital city by boat and tied himself with iron chain to raise the enormous capital needed for rebuilding of the bridge from officers and civilians passing by. His heroic deed was known by officials. The empress dowager and princes as well as officials of imperial courts donated gold and silver. In 1498, the 7-arch bridge was finally completed after nine year’s construction. The bridge was rebuilt in 53rd year of Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty (1714) and was renamed Guangji Bridge.

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