Living Handicraft Exhibition Hall is the branch hall of Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum (China Knife, Scissor and Sword Museum, China Fan Museum and China Umbrella Museum) and is a supplement to static exhibit in the museum. It mainly displays the traditional handicrafts of knifes, scissors, oil-paper umbrellas and silks and various kinds of fans and injects vitality of creative handicrafts in modern art while preserving and spreading non-heritage historic and cultural values.

    The hall represents the original style of workshop in Republic of China period. Based on characteristics of traditional handicrafts, it provides unique scene of the workshop and image-text interpretation all through the visiting routes. The visitors will feel as if they were on the scene of historic site while studying and learning Chinese characteristic traditional handicrafts and non-heritage culture.

    The Exhibition Hall was rebuilt from No.3 workshop of Hangzhou No.1 Cotton Mill. It’s precursor Tongyi Public Cotton Mill was one of the largest, most advanced and influential modern cotton mills in Zhejiang Province in early 20th century and was the cornerstone for formation and development of modern industry in the district. It has witnessed development history of modern national light textile industry in Hanghou and recorded the development course of Hanghou modern industry. It was renamed Hangzhou No.1 Cotton Mill in 1956.

    The preserving workshop is typical representative of architectures in Republic of China period. The interior of the building are well-preserved and is of high value for historic study. The building has been listed as cultural relic under provincial protection.

    Opening Time: 9:00-16:00 from Tuesday to Sunday (closed in Monday)


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