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  • Located in Tiger Spring Scenic Area, Camphorwood Restaurant was the first hotel built in scenic area in Hangzhou. The restaurant nestles at the foot of tea plantation and adjoins famous Tiger Spring. The elegant courtyard has lush cover of vegetation, with faint scent of camphorwood in spring and sweet fragrance of osmanthus in autumn. The business has been striving since its establishment in 2004. Under leadership of shop owner Hu Liang, the chefs of the hotel have launched a series of innovative cooking methods for Hangzhou cuisines, with an aim to create unique flavor and outstanding taste with ordinary ingredients. They were the first to introduce the concept of “private recipe” into Hangzhou.

    The Supreme Fish Head selects wild bighead carp from Thousand-islet Lake as ingredients and is stewed with sea cucumber, dried shrimps, needle mushroom and flowering cabbage to make a delicious, delicate and fresh taste. The meat of the fish is made into fish balls that have an entirely different taste from the fish head. The dish is the queen of the restaurant. It’s common practice for Hangzhou Cuisines to create unique flavors from local natural products.

    Camphorwood Restaurant Dadou Shop is another masterpiece of Camphorwood Series Hotel. Located in the old street along the Grand Canal, it carried forward the philosophy of Camphorwood Series Hotels to combine diet with culture and innovatively use the pure and authentic foods ingredients to bring an exceptional taste.

    Address: No.266 Dadou Road
         Reservation Tel.: 0571-58111567 / 58111597 

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