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  • During Republic of China period, Shi Degen and his son Shi Nanshan from Shaoxing operated a cookshop in a two-storied civilian house at No.98 Dadou Road. Tak Kee cookshop was named after the nickname of the owner known around the neighborhood. The cookshop was oriented to the lower class rabbles and sold ordinary dishes with low cost in small varieties. Gradually, as the father and the son won high reputation and popularity among customers with their hardworking, kindness, devotion and obligation, the business become more and more thriving.  

    Later, the cookshop had been taken over by other owners and had completely changed over the years. The present “Tak Kee Restaurant” built on the original site remains the historic flavor of Dadou Road and displays past glory of the ten-league silver Hushu Road. Tak Kee Restaurant provides a series of delicate dishes, fresh wild foods and home-style delicacies. The restaurant combined folk-originated leisure snacks, the traditional delicacies with quintessence of Jiangnan gourmet culture, modern cultural connotation and modern preparation methods to discover and innovate traditional Jiangnan style cuisines in color, flavor, taste, for and nutrition. Local guests may come to seek for the long-lost traditional flavor while non-locals may come to taste traditional Jiangnan-style foods. Each dish is unique and exquisite in preparation, delicious in taste and nutrient for well-being. Here, foods not only satisfy your bud but also satisfy your desire for culture and leisure.

    Address: No.258 Dadou Road 

    Reservation Tel.: 0571-56679999 

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