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  • Established in 2005 and located along the picturesque Westlake, Hangzhou A2 Foods & Beverage Management Co., Ltd. features antique Chinese-style furnishing and an distinctive ambient. The company is mainly engaged in Hangzhou cuisines, Jiangnan style dishes and nourishing crockpot soups and advocates the philosophy of healthy and nourishing cooking. Relying on its high reputation, A2 restaurant has attracted gourmets from downtown Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai since it was opened for operation. Gradually, A2 has won favor from top grade international hotels. As a result, A2 Amanfayun Hotel Restaurant was officially launched. The dishes, decoration and service perfectly match the modest luxury, unique atmosphere and taste of Amanfayun Hotel.

    Located on the bank side of the Grand Canal, A2 Grand Canal Restaurant is featured by innovative design style that introduced Chinese traditional arts and crafts in decoration, such as bamboo weaving ceiling, vine-style lamps, earth stove, wooden window flower, blue and white porcelain and image wall decorated with tiles and black bricks. A2 Grand Canal Restaurant is more natural, fashion and younger restaurant with well selected dishes and ingredients. The restaurant is mainly engaged in Jiangnan style country dishes and crockpot soups with naturally raised rural chicken, ducks, pork, handmade bean curd, alpine vegetables, matsutake and worm grasses from Tibet as ingredients and rice cooked by earth stoves. In fine weather, you may sit outdoor and leisurely enjoy tea and admire the appealing view of the Grand Canal.

    Address: No. 250, 252, 254, 256-1, 256-2, 256-3 Dadou Road

    Reservation Tel.: 0571-58111522 / 58111599

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