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  • Food is the paramount necessity of the people, while taste is the most important element of food. Hangzhou cuisine boasts vast varieties of dishes and tastes.

    Established in 2000, Hangzhou Fang’s Restaurant (Daguan Shop) has kept improving and innovating and has established high reputations among consumers through over decades’ operation. The restaurant is mainly engaged in Chinese foods. The vast variety of delicious foods has won favor and compliments from citizens and guests. Each shop in Daguan, Caihe and Santang, from appearance to interior design, is elegant and stylish. Each detailed design aims to entertain customers, arouse their emotion, improve their appetite and let them enjoy delicious foods in an elegant environment.

    In order to provide more flavors of Hangzhou cuisine to cater to the taste of majority consumers, Fang’s Restaurant keeps on introducing innovative new dishes. While preserving flavor of traditional dishes, the restaurant use different ingredients to produce new dishes with diversified tastes. Both the traditional dishes and innovated dishes embody elaborate preparation and layout. The restaurant’s specialties include Stewed Duck with Spices, Flavored Braised Chicken, Drunken Fish with Crispy Meat, Broad Bean Paste, and Private-recipe Signature Shrimp. The delicious tastes and flavors have been deeply rooted among local citizens and guests nationwide.

    Fang’s Restaurant has recently opened three shops in Shenglihe, Dadou Road and Hedong Road respectively. By adopting brand-new space design method and based on new concept fashion design, each shop combines fashion culture with modern cuisine and highlight the theme of “fashion, modernity, simplicity and individuality”. 

    Address: No.248 Dadou Road

    Reservation Tel.: 0571-88390961  

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