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  • Located along Grand Canal at No.150 Dadou Road, Lasting Karma Club was thus named in the light of the rich Buddhism and Zen culture in Dadou Road Historic Block, and means to maintain lasting relationship between with the customers. Dominated by refined and elegant Jiangnan style decoration, it also combines Zhejiang culture, post-modernity feeling, the sentiment of Grand Canal and typical style of Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province to create extraordinary serene cultural atmosphere. You will enjoy the fun of dining while appreciating the elegant atmosphere. The furniture are made of Dongyang carved iron Rosewood, which fully highlight the dignity of the honored guests and provide an ideal place for friend gathering. The porch near the Grand Canal also makes a good place for leisure tea drinking. The club provides ten balconies, including two luxury balconies with Mahjong Desk that can accommodate 18-20 guests. Also, it provides a connected balcony that can accommodate 60-70 persons for small-scale party.

    Lasting Karma Club advocates organic healthcare philosophy. Most dishes are private recipes from local rich and influential families. The club combines organic healthcare dishes with well-selected local dishes and gives full play of the indigenous method for preparation of bird’s nestle, shark fin and sea cucumber. The special dishes include Purple Chinese Yam Porridge Cooked with Sea Cucumber, Stewed Wild Duck with Gastrodia Elata and Dried Scallop, Pickled Turnip Stewed with Wild Turtle, Rice and Tea Flavored Pork Ribs, Stewed Chicken with Tsuchinoko, Braised River Rockfish in Soy Sauce, Beef Feet and Small Potato Cooked in Stone Pot, Large Yellow Croaker Cooked in Traditional Way, Home Style Stewed Wild Rice Shoots.

    Lasting Karma Club integrated brand new style exquisite organic foods with private-recipe dishes for you to enjoy an extraordinary dining experience.

    Address: No. 148, 150, 152 Dadou Road

    Reservation Tel.: 0571-58111579

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