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  • Hangzhou Shan Na Na Ancient Culture Leisure and Recreation Chain Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale chain integrated by foot bath, massage, sauna, beauty care, hair dressing, women’s body care and other leisure and recreation items.

    The company’s precursor “Shan Na Na Beauty Salon Co., Ltd” was established in the autumn of 1996 and was located at the crossing of Qingnian Road and Kaiyuan Road. It was mainly engaged in hairdressing, beauty salon, body care and foot massage. In the beginning of 2003, the company established two outlets in South Hushu Road and Pinghai Road and introduced Korean and Thailand style body relaxing, mahjong playing and other emerging recreational items. With continuous efforts of all staffs through over 7 years’ development, Shan Na Na has been expanded and grown continuously. It owned over 20 top grade leisure clubs in Shanghai, Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province and even tapped U.S. market. It has established a high reputation in leisure and entertainment industry. Relying on high starting point and high quality materials, Shan Na Na is different from ordinary entertainment clubs and is well known for its high grade environment amenity and high quality leisure service. Rosewood, agilawood and antique deco add to the classical charm and artistic atmosphere. Admiring the splendid architectural art and culture created by ancestor, the customer would feel as if they were living in the past.
    Located at No. 158 Dadou Road, Shan Na Na Xiangji Temple Shop is a simple, elegant high-grade foot bath club with rich atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture and provides another elegant and comfortable destiny for local citizens.

    Address: No.158 Dadou Road

    Reservation Tel.: 0571-58111588 / 58111598  

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