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  • “In Bowl” is an emerging star in catering industry in Hangzhou. Located at No.126 Dadou Road, In Bowl is a Chinese Restaurant developed and managed under Hangzhou In Bowl Food and Beverage Management Co., Ltd. The name of “In Bowl” is quoted from the saying “taste in China, eat in bowl”. The restaurant integrated the essence of China’s north and south cuisines and made balance between tradition and innovation. It invited national special grade chefs and relied on special dishes to create appealing dining experience for customer to be content from month to heart. Designed by well-known experienced master, the deco style of In Bowl fully embodies Chinese dining environment that is traditional yet stylish, elegant yet unique, with serene meaning of Zen.

    As a basic container for foods, bowl represents the essence of catering culture. “In Bowl” restaurant advocates the dining experience from month to heart’s content and declares that “ordinary taste is the best taste”.

    Since the autumn of 2010, faint fragrance has been wafted from In Bowl. Address: No.126 Dadou Road

    Reservation Tel.: 0571-88388529 


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