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  • Seek for delicacies and refined fun in Hakka Food Mansion 
    “Leading a vagabond life, I know not where my home is; Nature is my host, I’m the guest”. Hakka is an ethic group with profound culture deposit; Hakka cuisine belongs to Fujiang cuisine, which is one of the eight famous cuisines in China. Hakka cuisine, Chiuchow cuisine and Cantonese cuisines make three well known cuisines in Guangdong Province. Hakka cuisine well integrated essence of flavor in north and south China. Men of letters in history, including Su Tungpo, Zhou Dunyi, Huang Tingjian and Feng Zhikai took fancy to Hakka cuisines and had left may stories and masterpieces over the topic.

    Weilong Sanxun is the largest Hakka cuisine restaurant with most authentic taste and most profound sense of context in Hangzhou. Weilong is named after the uniquely designed and elegant enclosed house; Sanxun literally means three seeking, i.e. seeking for mansion, path and foods.

    Weilong Sanxun Hakke Restaurant is located in the ancient street along the Grand Canal. The restaurant features black brick, black tile, carved beams and painted rafters, with patio, ponds and terrace and are decorated with floral and plants, swimming fish, boats and desks. The elegant classical environment is tinted with unique sense of modern fashion. The restaurant has no front gate. It only offers side doors for friends to leisurely walk in. Then sense of closure presents a romantic and warm feeling.

    The restaurant slightly modified traditional “fatty, salty and overcooked” Hakke flavors and add sweetness and spicy into the delightful fresh taste. In term of ingredients selection, the restaurant follows Hakke’s green tradition of “selecting dampness-dispelling ingredients in spring, cool and refreshing ingredients in summer, moistening ingredients in autumn and nutritious ingredients in winter”. The signature dishes including “Braised bean curd with minced pork”, “golden fried duck”, “fried beef fillet with dried bean curd sticks” are delicacies with lingering taste.

    The exquisite balconies and private room on terrace on the second floor command a great view of ancient town-like scenery and makes an ideal place for leisure eating, business negotiation and birthday party.

    Address: No.104 Dadou Road

    Reservation Tel.: 0571-58111568 / 58111569  


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