• Genshan Bridge across Grand Canal is located in East Circular Road. The former Canal Bridge was established 1986 and was 423.1m in length and 40.6m in width. The newly built three arch bridge adopts arch spans 12m+54m+12m, with length of 90.3, approach trestle of 240m. The bridge has T-form girder, reinforced concrete pile foundation, concrete abutment and piers. The construction was commenced in August 1986 and completed in May 1988.

    In recent renovation, the railing was changed to ironwork with silk and textile pattern cast on top. The black granite balusters were carved with pattern of silkworm. The combination of Chinese and western elements well display the profound silk culture.

    Why did the design adopted silk pattern for the bridge? In ancient time, raw silk market was mainly located in Waishi Lane in Genshanmen while the finished silk market was concentrated in Zhongqing and Dongyuan Lane region. Jishen Village outside Genshanmen, Zenghe Tianshui Bridge and Dongjie Road were known as three silk production centers in Hangzhou. At the time “the sound of weaving machine can be heard from each house and lasts until late into night”. During Guangxu reign in Qing Dynasty, there were dozens of licensed silk factories between Baoshan Bridge and Genshanmen. Many silk merchants, silk firms and silk dealers were doing business here, just the saying goes “numerous bags cocoons outside Genshan Gate”, “every house is busy with weaving”. Genshan region provided one-stop service for production, supply and sales of silk. In peak time, over half of the merchants were engaged in silk trade in Hangzhou. In peak season, numerous silk ships gathered at silk wharf near Baoshan Bridge

    There is sculpture of “Long Stone Fence” and “Sound of Tide Flapping the Stone” below the bridge to echo with the torrential flow of water from Tiesha River to Grand Canal and the magnificent vertical rip raps on the both banks. Looking from pavilion in Genshan Park, eight awe-inspiring legendary statues of over 3m are standing there to ward off evil and guard the banks. The large-scale stone relief—Folk Customs in Genshan, which is one of ten scenic spots in Genshan, is located in the Greenland in the northwest of Genshan Bridge in Shaoxing Road. It silently recounts the thousand-year history of the Grand Canal. The ten scenic spots in Genshan were very popular among people in history. Now these scenic spots, including The Tinkle of Bells on Dam, Flowing Water under Suspending Water, Watching Moon from Yujia Bridge and Red Lanterns in Sand Field are reproduced.  

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