• Jianbei Bridge, also called Jianguo North Road Bridge, was located in the north end of the Jianguo North Road and spans across the Connection Section of Qiantang River. It is the auxiliary project of Qiantang River Connection Project. The new bridge adopts three arch spans of 20m+43m+20m, and is 87.3m in length. The bridge features caste-in-place reinforced concrete pile, column type reinforced concrete abutment and pier, pre-stress box type continuous girder deck with variable cross-section. The deck is 24m in width, including 18m-width traffic lane and sidewalks. The loading grade is 20 for automobile and 100 for trailer. The navigation clearance under the bridge meets the requirement for 5th class shipping lane. The bridge was designed by Zhejiang Province Transportation Design Institute, constructed by Zhejiang Province Waterway Engineering Team and was completed in April 1988. The design theme of Jianbei Bridge is about “canal boat crossing dam”. According to historic record, boat from Grand Canal had to get over the dam built here. In Qing Dynasty, the large cargo ships on Grand Canal were over 12m in length, 2m in width, with draught of over 60cm and gross weight after full loading of 12 tons. So, we can image how high and large the bridges had to be. The railings of the newly built Jianbei Bridge are carved with dragon pattern and rolled grass. The bridge piers are high relief sculpture of “rhinoceros watching the moon”. The navigation lamp upside is the moon. The pedestals are carved with pattern of bat and clouds. The balusters are cap-shaped, indicating unity of heaven and earth. All the decorative patterns on the bridge are auspicious objects or images in Chinese culture.  

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