Yingyue Bridge across Shangtang River, also named Qigong Bridge, is located at the junction of Grand Canal and Shangtang River and connects Jingdu Garden Community with Shijia Garden Community. The one-corridor three-span arch bridge is a shelter bridge as well as a arch bridge for pedestrian. The bridge is 40m in length with maximum deck width of 6.2m. A pavilion is built on the middle span. The pavilion assimilates style of Ming and Qing Dynasty with gable and hip roof and single eave.

    Dragon image is widely used in the design of Yingyue bridge. The pavilion on the bridge makes the head of the dragon while the corridor is the body. The overall design of the bridge resembles a swimming dragon. The dragon-like Yingyue Bridge matches perfectly to the phoenix like pavilion on the Baizhi Bridge across the East River. The two are combined to present a prosperity meaning. The uniqueness of Yingyue lies in that it adopts modern bridge construction technology to build a stone-arch bridge. The interior part is cast with reinforced cement, while the exterior part is decorated with stone material. The energy saving lighting source is adopted for bridge lighting. The linear light, under-water projection lamp, the star-shaped projection lamps on the ceiling of the pavilion as well as multi-direction flood lighting sets off the delicate decoration of the railing and pavilion and make a harmonious overall effect.

    Inside the Grand Canal Park beside the Yingyue Bridge there is a group of copper engraved sculpture named “Memorial of Old Grand Canal”, which is one of the four landscape sculptures about Grand Canal. The sculptures, like pages of book, depict the vicissitude of Grand Canal from Pre-Qin Dynasty to Qing Dynasty and presents the map of cities along Grand Canal in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain in Qing Dynasty.  A worn-out old flagstone is paved on the west side of the Yinyue Bridge to contribute to its classic feeling.  

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