The Westlake Culture Plaza Culture Bridge across the Grand Canal connects Wulin Square with Westlake Culture Plaza. It starts from parking lot of North Circular Road in the south and ends at the center of Westlake Culture Plaza in the North, with total length of over 130m and width of 30m. It is the southern access to Westlake Culture Plaza and links it to Wulin Square and Yan’an Road. 

    The bridge adopts the concept of “bridge over river, river within bridge, river above river and bridge over bridge” designed by China Academy of Art. The deck relief depicted the history about Grand Canal that runs through 6 provinces and cities, connects five water systems and runs from north to south China. 

    The Culture Bridge is for leisure, viewing, tourism and transport. There are 4m colorful pavements and two 1.5m-width greenbelt on the both sides of the bridge deck. The layout of the greenbelt is full of rhythm. Both sides of the bridge provide leisure space, cultural sketches and benches. The design of the bridge highlights the distinctive characteristics of regional cultures, the cultural tradition of Hangzhou as well as the culture and history of the ancient Grand, Westlake and other water systems. It harmoniously blends with Westlake Culture Plaza and surrounding water environment, which combine to present a simple, elegant and modern style.

    11、Zhongbei Bridge

    During Grand Canal bridge renovation in 2005, Zhongbei Bridge was considered as the perfect combination of Chinese and western elements.

    Zhongbei Bridge across Grand Canal is located in the north end of North Zhongshan Road. It was listed auxiliary project of Genshan Port Project in 1970. The remains of the abutment of original Zhongbei Bridge in 1970 were preserved under the south spandrel of the present bridge. The new bridge is 82.3m in length with net single span of 48m. It is hollow double curvature reinforced concrete arch bridge with reinforced concrete pile foundation and open box-type bearing platform. The deck is 13m in width, including traffic lane of 10m with loading grade of 13 for automobile and 60 for tractor. The navigation clearance under the bridge meets the requirement for 5th class shipping lane. The bridge was designed by Shanghai Municipal Project Designing Institute, constructed by Zhejiang Province Shipping Board No.2 Port Engineering Team and was completed at the end of the year. In 1986, the both sides of the original bridge were expanded by 6.8m in width each. The bridge adopted spans of 18m+48m+15m, reinforced pile foundation deck and pier, double cantilever truss structured steel arch and reinforced concrete panel for motor vehicle lane and sidewalk respectively. The new bridge is 27.5m in width, including 11m-width motor vehicle lane in middle as well as 1.2m-width separation zones, 5.2m-width non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks on each side. The project was designed by Urban Construction Design Institution, constructed by Zhejiang Province Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and was completed in September of 1986.

    Zhongbei Bridge is adjacent to Westlake Culture Plaza and is harmonious with the atmosphere of the plaza. The landscaping on the bridge designed two years ago is simple, modern and elegant. The wooden handrails look warm and natural, the guardrails are cladded steel plate. The gas pipes, tap water pipes under the balusters and the sidewalk lights are covered and concealed to present orderly and neat look. The bridgeheads are cladded in stone materials. With herringbone pattern chiseled on the bluestone, the bridge looks modest and elegant.

    Specially, the pedestrian path under the south of the bridge utilizes the varying ground levels to provide two spacious sheltered leisure places. The remains of the old bridge were preserved and treated in modern may. There are four sets of carp-themed bluestone carvings on the east and west side of the bridges. The auspicious meaning of “big splash” conveys good wishes. The color of the bridge matches well with the surrounding atmosphere.  

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