Qingyuan Bridge is the only bridge that is not open to traffic across the Grand Canal. It is a pedestrian bridge connecting White Horse Apartment with Qingyuan Community. Established in 1996, the bridge is a double-curvature arch bridge 56.8m in length and 8m in width. Located right above the bend of the Grand Canal, it was formerly a pedestrian bridge for Hangzhou Oil Refinery. Looking like a railway bridge from faraway, the modern bridge sometimes arouses some nostalgic feeling.

    The railing and deck of Qingyuan Bridge are made of unbleached Nordic red pine and are natural in look. On the both ends of the bridge there are spacious stepped slope for pedestrian to walk leisurely at night. The rivets on the interval truss structure (load bearing) look like steel structure in blue and grey tint. With toughened glass as ceiling, the bridge is transparent and luminous. The lighting is also full of artistic. The point light source within the bridge, the line source along the pedestrian pavement and the area source formed by four projection lamps outside the bridge well present the bridge’s beauty of metallic lines and texture. 

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