• Jiangzhang Bridge was located on the northeast of Maiyu Bridge in Gongshu District. The bridge runs across Grand Canal and is connected to Tongxiawan Lane in the east, Huzhao Road in west and Dadou Road. According to Renhe County Annals, “A wooden bridge was built in the north of Guijin Bridge for traversing the river cut in late Yuan Dynasty. During Xuande reign, Lu Danghui rebuilt it into stone bridge outside Wulin Gate. As the place was reachable by sea water in ancient time, it was called Jiangzhangwu (mist rising over river) or Jiangzhang Bridge.” In Song Dynasty, the Jiangzhang Customs Commissioners in the west bridge was named after of the bridge. There was no record on structure and type of the original bridge destroyed in Yuan Dynasty. The bridge rebuilt in Xuande reign of Ming Dynasty (1426-1435) was three-arch stone bridge. The net span of the middle arch and side arches were 14m and 9m respectively. It was semi-circle stone arch bridge that was 58 in length and 4m in width with stone-built pier and stone steps on deck. The bridge looked majestic at night as the surrounding fish lanterns dotted the wide river like stars in sky. In Republic of China period, the deck of the bridge was changed to concrete, the overhangs on the both sides were broaden, deck width was increased to 6.2m and the slope was steeper. After the bridge was dismantled in 1995, Jiangzhang Bridge was built on the north. It is a three-arch girder bridge 95m in length and 30m in width. The rebuilding project was an auxiliary project of Grand Canal Renovation. The reinforced concrete arch bridge makes a spectacular scene at Maiyuqiao region.

    Jiangzhang Bridge has been a busy place since ancient. There were markets on east and west side of the bridge in Southern Song Dynasty. The reeds on the both banks swayed wildly in rainy weather. The fantastic fishermen’s songs rose on the peaceful surface at night. When gifted local specialty tea, Su Dongpo wrote the line of “ in dream my soul return to the river rise bridge overnight” to express his yeast for Hangzhou. The bridge was a symbol of Hangzhou. Patriotic poet Lv You of Song Dynasty also wrote a poem about sending off friend at Zhangqiao Bridge “ I sent off friend by river, drifted thousand mile from city gate. Not expecting the in desolate small market, people talking in gaiety as if they had good harvest”

    The lower reach of Jiangzhang Bridge was then-league silver Hushu. According to “Record of Hushu”, “Mist Veiled in Raised River” was one of the eight scenes in Hushu region. According to the record, “Jiangzhang Bridge and Huaguang Bridge formed splay form with vast expanse of river surface. Sometime rain fell down shower by shower at dusk, arousing romantic feeling. In the evening, the boat lights shined like stars in the sky, making another poetic scene when appreciating from the bridge” 

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