• The name of Desheng originally meant return from victory.

    Desheng Bridge was also named Yanqiao Bridge, also meaning “the virtue is the winner”.The bridge cross the Grand Canal and connects Jiacheng Lane in the west with Changban Lane in the east. It is said that famous general of Southern Song Dynasty Han Shizhong chased two betrayers Miao Fu and Liu Zhengyan and put them to death on the bridge, hence the bridge was know for prevailing of virtue. As the legend goes, Miao Fu and Liu Zhengyan launched mutiny and forced emperor Gaozong to abdicate. Liang Hongyu moved reinforcement from her husband Han Shizhong and defeated rebels on the bridge. Since then, the bridge was named Victory Bridge (Desheng Bridge) 

    The former Desheng Bridge was single-arch bridge and the deck was not open for traffic. It has stone steps for passers-by to ascending. The middle section of the bridge (the highest point of the arch bridge) has a vermilion four- cornice kiosk for sheltering from sun or rain. A wooden bench is provided on the two sides close to the bridge for passers-by to rest. The wooden benches leaning against bridge railing make backrest chairs. In the 5th year of Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty (1666), Governor Zhao Yanchen and inspector general Jiang Guozhu donated to rebuild the bridge. In 11th year of Guangxu reign, the bridge was rebuilt again by Mo Shengshu etc. The kiosk was dismantled after liberation. The bridge was rebuilt again in 1952. In 1960s, the old Desheng Arch Bridge was rebuilt to flat bridge parallel to the surface of the Grand Canal and was open to traffic. In December 1970, the bridge was rebuilt as single-span hollow reinforced concrete bridge with double-curvature arch concrete box-type shallow foundation. The bridge was 56.30m in length and 8.00 in width, and was featured by reinforced concrete, double-curvature arch and mortared stones. After rebuilding in the beginning of 1980s, the width of the bridge was broaden to facilitate traffic transport. In December 1990, a new bridge was built on Wenyi Road (former Desheng Road).

    The new bridge is 56.3m in length, 8m in width with net single span of 42m. It is double-curvature arch hallow type reinforced concrete bridge. Therefore, there are two bridges named Desheng Bridge in Hangzhou at present. A new bridge named Xiawan Bridge was built across Grand Canal on Desheng Road in 1996. The new bridge was 423.1m in length and 40.6m in width with reinforced concrete girder structure.

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