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    May Café resided in along the picturesque Grand Canal in a season when spring blossom is in full bloom. 

    Here, you may have a heat-to-heat talk with several friends, sharing delights and sorrows to each other. It is also an ideal place for dating the one you are loving. Your relationship will be warmed and improved among the waft of sweet aroma in the air. Or you may lie casually alone on the couch at the secluded corner, leisurely enjoying coffee as well as the passers-by.

    You may fiddle with laptop, chatting by MSN or QQ or writing blogs; or read a book of your favor while enjoying coffee and have a good relax in both body and mind.

    Warmly welcome to May Café!

    Address: No.149-22 North Hushu Road, Gongshu District

    Tel.: 0571-88149345






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