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    Shuyu Coffee Culture and Arts Club-the symphony of painting and poems

    “Black is the most complete luxury, just like silence is the most in-depth scream”

    The above famous line was written by the new prominent local poet Shu Yu, the owner of the café. The line has been quoted by many medias and has been widely circulated in culture circle and society. Founded by Ms. Shu Yu, Shuyu Coffee and Culture Art Club is integrated by poem, music, painting and culture creativity. Like a light and brisk water birds, the café accompanies the ancient Grand Canal and perches near the 4000 years-old Gongchen Bridge.

    With the trend of excavating refined city, restoring culture of Grand Canal in recent years, in-depth cultivation of study-type society advocated by Hangzhou Municipal Government, the Grand Canal is revived and presents a new look. Today, Grand Canal is a new attraction integrated by culture, arts and fashion, a gathering place for men of letters and a destination of tourists.

    As the founder of the café Shuyu indicated, I select this place for Shuyu Coffee Culture and Arts Club with a purpose to take advantage of the profound culture of Grand Canal and with the expectation that the thousand-year Grand Canal will irradiate in new charm in the new era.

    Address: No.1, West Gongchen Bridge,

    Tel.: 0571-87851608



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