Canal Culture
  • Volga River-Don River Canal


       Volga River-Don River Canal is located in the southeast of the European part of Russia and connects Volga River with Don River. It starts from south side of Karachi in the west and ends at Kashira, 25km from south of Volgograd, with total length of 101km (including natural river course and Tsimlyansk reservoir of 45km. There are totally 13 ship locks, including 9 on the side of Volga River, rising berthing water level by 88m, and 4 on the side of Don River, rising berthing water level by 44m. Three pumping stations pumped the water in Volga River to Don River through the Canal. The canal was built in 1948-1952 and is capable of navigating ships below 5000-DTW.

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