Canal Culture
  • Karakum Canal


    Karakum Canal is located at capital city Ashkhabad of Turkmenistan, which is known for severe natural environment with 80% land covered by desert. As one of the largest desert in the world, Karadum desert extends from the center of Turkmenistan to the territory of Kazakhstan. Originated from Mountains in Afghanistan, the Amu Darya River extends for around 1000km in the east of Turkmen. Due to draught, the Karakum Canal started to be excavated in 1954 in order to conduct water from Amu Darya River to Ashkhabad and the Shore of Caspian Sea along the edge of Karakum Desert. Karakum Canal is of great significance to the agricultural and animal husbandry development, exploitation of petroleum and natural gas and had greatly improved quality of residents’ domestic water.

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