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       Kiel Canal is also named North Sea-Baltic Sea Canal and is an important waterway to connect North Sea with Baltic Sea. Located in North of Germany, it starts from Brunsbüttelkoog at Elbe River estuary of North Sea in the west, extends 61 miles eastwards until Holtenau (Bay of Kiel in Baltic Sea). The Canal is 98.7km in length, 103m in breadth and 13.7m in depth. 7 high bridges (around 43m) over the Canal have been built for ocean going vessels to pass. Kiel Canal started construction on June 3rd, 1887 and was opened to navigation on June 22nd, 1895. The original intention of the Canal was to avoid German warships from detouring to Denmark Peninsula. After completion, the voyage between North Sea to Baltic Sea was shortened by 756km. Now, it is the safest, most convenient and most economic waterway between North Sea and Baltic Sea in business trade.

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