Pleasure Boats
  • To reproduce magnificence of canal boats in those days and build characteristic canal tourism carrier, Hangzhou Municipal Government launched ancient canal boat project in 2007. At present, ancient canal boats on the canal are modeled after wooden boats that widely appeared on Hangzhou canal in Qing Dynasty. By integrating modern techniques and functions, these boats meet modern tourism requirements. Accumulation and essence of traditional culture is fully embodied by the jade totem (a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides) at the end of boats and decorative sculptures inside the boats.

    At present, mainly two types of ancient canal boats are put into canal tourism: catering boat (2 boats with 60 seats respectively, and 2 boats with 30 seats respectively) and sightseeing boat (2 boats with 30 seats respectively). Rear compartment of catering boat is equipped with modern kitchen and bathroom facilities. The compartment has a central air conditioner, with transparent French windows at both sides. Whenever it is windy or rainy all the year around, you may taste delicious boat cuisines, while feast your eyes on beautiful sceneries at both banks. To tour the canal by boat is the best way to appreciate age-old canal culture and enjoy picturesque Jiangnan water town directly.

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