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Online reservation process: online payment succeeds →working staffs confirm with you by telephone→ reserve the time of fetching tickets→ change tickets and get on the boat at agreed dock.

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1. Boats usually set sail on time. After paying for and fetching the ticket, if one tourist fails to get on the boat at stipulated dock on time, according to actual conditions, the scenic area will inquire whether any vacant seats are left on the following boats five minutes before setting sail. If there is a vacant seat and the tourist is willing to tour, the tourist shall pay 10% of listed market price of this route as ticket change fee. If there is no vacant seat or the vacant seat is refused by the tourist, the ticket is considered to be invalid; all resultant inconvenience and losses will be borne by the tourist.

2. Opening hours and boat frequency of this scenic area will be adjusted properly according to low season and golden week. Actual conditions will prevail. For more information, please consult working staffs of the scenic area. The scenic area reserves the right of final interpretation.

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