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Carry out Sturdy Staff Training and Try to Enhance Service Quality—the Company Carries out Service Quality Training on Front-line Staffs.
  Published:  2012-07-30    Views:1985  Times
On July 26, this company organized all front-line staffs to take part in service quality training, in order to unify their image, enhance service awareness, service level and business skill.

This training centered on post business and lectured on relevant business procedures and operations. During professional teachers’ explanations, everyone listened earnestly and carefully, noted down every important link, and actively asked questions about relevant contents and issues during actual operation, so as to solve doubts and difficulties in present actual work.

To complete this service regulation training successfully, this company required every department in the following five aspects. Firstly, every department must attach high importance to this training, strengthen organization, implement leaders’ responsibility system and clarify leaders’ detailed responsibilities. Deal with the relation between production and training correctly. Secondly, make strict demands on training standards. Every department must manage staffs earnestly, and realize high standard and strict requirement during training. Thirdly, make strict demands on assessment system. To ensure the effectiveness of training, every department must bring staffs’ training attendance and assessment results into performance management; managerial staffs of every department must take part in the training, and create strong atmosphere of regulated training. Fourthly, this company will deliver service regulation collections and training manuals to relevant departments; after training, they shall be delivered to front-line staffs, to facilitate further study and understanding. Fifthly, disqualified ones shall take part in re-training or subject to corresponding performance assessment.

After the training, everyone said that they benefited from the training. Through this business training, they further enhanced their understandings about the business, strengthened business execution capability and business communications among colleagues, but also qualitatively enhanced overall business level of the company. Meanwhile, this training represented Water Bus Company’s unremitting pursuit for high-quality service, as well as its clear orientation to start the career through service quality.

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