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Stephen Chow Tastes Boat Cuisine and Tours the Canal Again (Photos)
  Published:  2012-07-30    Views:2016  Times
At about 12:00 on July 26, along with crazy applauses and screams, comedy king “Stephen Chow”, who wore a baseball cap and sport suit, showed up at Hangzhou. This was the second time in this month that “Stephen Chow” showed up at Hangzhou section of the canal.

“Stephen Chow” got onto “Gongchen” boat at a stride and was curious about antique canal boat just like a kid. When viewing the scenery outside the boat, he whispered to his entourage and took photos of the scenery with his camera. Obviously, “Stephen Chow” in plain clothes didn’t seem tricky and comic as in films. On contrary, he was more leisurely and amiable.

Canal boat started from Wulin Dock, went northward along the canal, and passed Eight Sceneries of Hushu, ancient bridges and docks of the canal. Stephen Chow” and his entourage appreciated beautiful and charming canal, while feasted on time-honored boat cuisine. Characteristic boat cuisine was served in antique celadon dishes with dense fragrance, and was applauded by “Stephen Chow”.

During the trip, the boat stopped at Canal World and Xiangjisi Scenic Spot. “Stephen Chow” disembarked to visit and was lost in wonder due to majestic buildings and exquisite decoration art of No. 1 Temple of the Canal—“Xiangjisi Temple”.

After touring the canal, “Stephen Chow” exclaimed that: I not only viewed the beautiful canal, but also feasted on delicious special boat cuisine; I will come again if I have an opportunity!

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