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2012 Youth Creative Paper-cut Contest has Completed Preliminary Assessment
  Published:  2012-08-09    Views:2062  Times
On August 3, the 2012 “Zhang Xiaoquan Cup” Youth Creative Paper-cut Contest, undertaken by China Knives, Scissors& Swords Museum, has completed preliminary assessment. This Paper-cut Contest is themed with “My Beautiful Hometown” and sends invitations to all youths in the province. 428 paper-cut works have been received from 31 schools in 6 districts, including Tonglu, Ningbo, Shengsi, Yuhang, Xiaoshan and Hangzhou. After preliminary assessment by experts, 103 works have entered final contest. In the afternoon of August 8, China Knives, Scissors& Swords Museum will organize re-assessment. Who will become “Golden Scissors”? Please wait and see!
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