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Canal Boat Opens a Special Performance Line for Happy Old Man Teahouse
  Published:  2012-08-09    Views:2192  Times

With enriched modern information and diversified entertainment life, native Hangzhou citizens’ popular artistic forms, such as Xiao Re Hun, storytelling in Hangzhou dialect and one-man show, are leaving us. Many senior citizens shed silent tears when speaking of these vanishing folk arts.

However since August 17, canal boat will join with Happy Old Man Teahouse to open a special performance line. While viewing nocturne of the canal, you will listen to all kinds of performances, enjoy audio-visual banquet of national intangible cultural heritage, taste unique “canal culture” and experience native Hangzhou citizens’ leisurely life! The first trial trip is launched on August 17. This route is put into formal operation every Friday, Saturday and Sunday since August 24. Welcome to have a try.

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