Wulin Gate

Wulin Gate can be traced back to the Sui Dynasty, when it was the north gate of Hangzhou. 隋Because of the activities of the past, the war was frequent, and the opening of the canal was mostly used for war. Therefore, the original name of this zone was called Hu Linmen, and it has already become a tiger.

Bringing up the Wulin Gate, there are many legends and stories. After the Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, there was a poor and poor surnamed Han, who was forced to make a living for only sixteen years, and started to sway the rivers and lakes. After a few years, he became a hero. In the so-called chaotic world, he fought for years. He exercised his talents and saved his military strength. Finally, he created Wu Yueguo, who has continued for a hundred years and has been affected so far. King Wu Yue, Dingdu Hangzhou, began to build Hangzhou City, named here "Yu Hangmen", to the Qing Dynasty, Manchu Shangwu with the name of Wulin Gate. Here is the main water transport hub for communication between the north and the south. The official tax money and grain from Hangzhou to the capital, the specialty tribute and the north-south exchange, fish, salt, silk, department stores, firewood, coal, farm tools, also rely on this terminal to spit, so here The city is prosperous, and it has rarely been left out in the millennium. Unfortunately, the industry was abolished in the late Qing Dynasty. When it came to the Republic of China, the Wulin Gate was demolished in a precarious state. Even if I want to recover today, it is difficult to find the standard style at that time. Although the door is gone, the Wulin Mountain is still there, so the name has been extended. Qian Qian is the person who has used our praises and comments, but it is also very attractive to listen to the content of the talks of the artists in Yuhang.

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