Fu Yi Cang

There have always been sayings that "there is a new warehouse in the north and a rich warehouse in the south."

The so-called "bridge west" is a general term in the west of the arch bridge. The current history and cultural district of Qiaoxi is more clear. From the beginning of the arch bridge, it spreads to the west, north to the China Fan Museum, south to Dengyun Road, and west to Xiaohe Road. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, this area was called “Beiguan Night Market” because of the convenient transportation of the canal, six lines (rice line, fish line, paper line, liquor line, firewood, foreign line), six halls (smoke hall, tea house, The theaters, restaurants, gambling halls, and shacks are all built along the river, known as "small Shanghai", attracting a variety of people.

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