Historical evolution

In order to make up for the shortage of natural and geographical conditions in China"s history, the development of water transportation has been carried out in the early spring and autumn period and even earlier. The canal was built during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period to conquer the military operations of other countries.
After the Yuan Dynasty settled in Beijing at the end of the thirteenth century, in order to connect the north and the south, and no longer detour to Luoyang, it was necessary to dig a canal to transport food from the south to the north. To this end, three sections of rivers have been built, and the Sui Dynasty horizontal canal, centered on Luoyang, has been built into a large canal with the center of the capital and south to Hangzhou. The Yuan Dynasty spent 10 years excavating the Luozhou River and It will connect the river and connect the natural rivers and lakes between Tianjin and Jiangsu Qingjiang. The south of the Qingjiang River will be connected to the Gully and Jiangnan Canals, and the new Huihe River will be built. In this way, the new Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has been shortened by more than 900 kilometers compared to the Sui and Tang Grand Canal in Luoyang.
The Sui Dynasty was a period of great development of the canal in the history of our country. Before the establishment of the Sui Dynasty, various canals such as Baigou, Ditch, Yangqu, Digou, Gully, Jiangnan Canal and Zhedong Canal have been excavated in various regions of China. These canals have been blocked by natural environment changes or years of disrepair. Some have been repaired and can still be navigable, but they are not independent of each other, so it is difficult to serve as a nationwide water transport.
After the liberation, the canal was extensively refurbished, which enabled it to re-use the various functions of shipping, irrigation, flood control and drainage. Some river sections have been widened and deepened, and the modernization of the piers and locks have been built. Improved. Seasonal navigation mileage has reached more than 1,100 kilometers. The 660-kilometer waterway south of Jixian County in Jiangsu Province, the 500-ton fleet can be unimpeded.
Customs of the canal  boatman

Customs of the canal boatman

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Cancal culture

Cancal culture

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