Friends of Uzbekistan and the wonders of traditional Chinese handicrafts

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Uzbekistan friends visiting crafts live museum



Uzbekistan, the hub of the former Silk Road, has many magnificent buildings and vibrant treasures.


Ceramic workers, embroidery craftsmen, fine painters and weavers provide inspiration to craftsmen around the world and guide visitors through the radiant world of the East.

Wood carvings and embroidery in the ancient city of Shiva, Samaritan"s pottery and silk...


These Uzbekistan"s iconic handicrafts have penetrated into the lives of local people, and their craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation.


Uzbekistan"s traditional embroidery and wood carving techniques

Chinese tradition and foreign traditions


China is an ancient civilization with a history of more than 5,000 years. It is also the only ancient civilization in the world that has continued. The history of the millennium, the craftsmanship produced by the people can be described as a multitude of categories, and all of them are dazzling.


In a museum community in the Gongshu District of Hangzhou, there is such a pavilion, and a wave of people from Uzbekistan has a traditional culture.


There are more than 20 traditional handicrafts in the Handicraft Living Hall at No. 10 Qiaoneng Street. Every piece of exquisite crafts and craftsmanship is unique. It shows the clever hands of folk craftsmen and tells the moving story. With the legend.




When these Uzbeks who grew up in handicrafts entered the venue, they were also amazed by these traditional Chinese cultures.


Whether it is the oil-paper umbrella that has been passed down from the Han nationality, or the boxwood carving of one of the most traditional carving art in Zhejiang, or the egg carving technique that has been around for hundreds of years, many craftsmanship, they all praised them.

In the living hall, the technical teacher showed the craft production process and traditional culture on the spot, and each step was broken down for these friends to watch.


Uzbeks can personally debug the ribs and watch the oil-paper umbrella full of more than 5,000 needles.


These excellent handicrafts also evoke the soul of the hand-made hooligans in their blood. They are deeply attracted and unable to extricate themselves. Even a small bamboo pole in the bamboo booth made them love and marvel at the exquisite design.

Culture in the experience

Since you are here, you must experience it and the trip will be considered satisfactory.


Plant tie dyeing, a fun, good-looking and easy-to-learn experience, is certainly the first choice. The Uzbeks were familiar with the road and started teaching their own bold creative process.


A white silk scarf is about to glow in the same way as the craftsman and the craftsman.


Each kind of tie will make the silk scarf show different lines, and each piece is unique.


After a short wait, a strip of finished square towel, you"re done, the smiles your friends love, let this trip, draw a full stop ~

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Friends who like tie-dye square towels can also come to the craftsmanship hall to experience it~

Handicraft Living Hall Address: No. 10, Qiao Nong Street, Gongshu District


Tel: 0571-88197531


Experience price: 69 yuan / block





The experience of the Uzbekistan team

It is also a sub-activity of the 5th China Grand Canal Temple Fair.


Uzbek people are reluctant to go.


We also welcome friends from all over the world.

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