Looking for love Tanabata, holding hands in the future, your future, half of me~

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Looking for love Tanabata, holding hands in the future, your future, half of me~

2018.8.17, Tanabata is coming~


Tanabata is one of the important national traditional festivals in China.

In order to better protect the inheritance of this intangible cultural heritage,

Give full play to traditional festivals and carry forward the excellent culture of the Chinese nation

And strengthen the role of the carrier in the construction of young people"s ideology and morality.


Hangzhou Canal Group Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd.

Will be organized on August 17, 2018

The theme of "Looking for Love Tanabata, Hand in the Future".


Address: No. 10, Handong Street, Gongshu District


Enjoy the sweetest moments?



--------- Huali Li"s dividing line ---------


Seeing such a rich and interesting event,

I think many people want to take the other half of their hearts.

Let"s experience the craftsmanship hall~


Tired of the old-fashioned restaurant with candlelight dinner,

Tired of watching the scenery by the West Lake

Come to the craft living hall.

Experience interesting interactive activities~


Tanabata, don"t go anywhere!


Send chopsticks to the newcomer to get married. Meaning: Pairs in pairs, combined into one, fast-growing.


Pen-painting price: 35 yuan / person, experience time 40 minutes


2 Zhejiang kiln pull embryo


The most beautiful confession

Maybe it’s an ordinary and not ordinary

a work belonging to two people

Background music slowly flowing out

Roulette rotates rhythmically


Put your hands together

Let the mud in the hands of the lover

Slowly shaping the way they imagined together

Are you also looking forward to such a romantic experience?