August 17th Rice Festival / Explore the "Pirates" story in the canal~

Release time:2019-01-08 14:39:06


August 17th Rice Festival / Explore the "Pirates" story in the canal~


/ August 17 Rice Festival /


The long-awaited August 17th Rice Festival is finally about to begin!


The snow fell for 13 years, and the heart fell to the West Lake.

In the beginning of the iron triangle story, Hangzhou,

Lead everyone to experience this magical land that gave birth to the Tomb Notes.




Experience Day: August 15th - August 17th


Hanfu activities: August 16th 9:00 - 22:00




This year"s rice festival is compared with the past.

It will be the largest, the most guests, and the most active.


Adhering to the initial heart,

Heart to thousands of rice,

Let"s talk to everyone about the love of Tomb Notes.

Let’s take a look at the exciting activities~




There are also many vertical painting and signature walls for pirate pens on the special punching line.

You can take a group photo to remember the microblogging card!


At the checkpoint,

Rice can complete all kinds of "achievements"~


I have used your life for a decade of "innocent"

Various tomb notes elements


Can be made with the most traditional craftsmanship


On the paper umbrella, rice can write a variety of pirate elements, such as "innocent", "little brother" and so on...


The big touches of painting can draw the characters of the thief on the umbrella surface, and open the road, it must be the brightest existence of the rice festival!


Oil paper umbrella price: 8 inch 50 yuan, 12 inch 70 yuan


The rice that loves Hanfu culture will be Hanfu to the canal to enjoy the night view of the canal and experience the charm of the canal.


On the day of the event, everyone is encouraged to take a Hanfu outing and give a theme lantern. There will also be a free Pantou booth to interact with the public.


-Light lamp