The typhoon can"t stop the poetry ship from coming to love!

Release time:2019-01-08 14:41:28


The typhoon can"t stop the poetry ship from coming to love!

Last night, the "Wenbia" typhoon raged in Hangzhou, the wind and rain, and the night was deep.


A group of people who love poetry and public welfare gathered at the "Canal Poetry Society" for a rainy night.


West Lake children read Hangzhou Tonglu


Hu Chenxi, who grew up on the canal, recited his original poem "The Man, the Boat, the Dog". The words are all the canals of the canal to the canal; the children of the Zihu Primary School in the West Lake read the Hangzhou dialect in Hangzhou. The nursery rhymes "shake and shake, shake to the grandmother bridge..." The crisp children"s voice is the taste of the West Lake.



At the end of the event, poets and friends have donated their favorite books to share with more people. The Hangzhou Tongxin Boai Public Service Center has issued a certificate of charity to the poets.

Hangzhou Tongxin Boai Public Welfare Service Center awarded the Canal Travel Public Welfare Donation Certificate



From the West Lake District to the Gongshu District, from the West Lake to the Grand Canal, you from the West Lake, and from the Grand Canal, I handed the book to the next person, shared a collection of poems, and listened to each other"s reading.


Crossing the region, crossing the industry, crossing the age, and “sharing” and “listening” across time and space are the main themes of the “Canal Scholarship, Love the Heart” charity donation.


The event ended satisfactorily in the “Colorful Canal”, which was read by the children of Yuqiao Elementary School. However, the public welfare action of the Canal Poetry Society has just begun, and it will be passed down like a canal.