Rice Festival 8.16 Wearing Hanfu to enjoy the canal, the beautiful Hanfu Miss sister on the canal, y

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Rice Festival 8.16 Wearing Hanfu to enjoy the canal, the beautiful Hanfu Miss sister on the canal, you saw it~


And 8.16 is also a major event in the rice festival.


Wearing a Hanfu, enjoying the canal

Just this day~


Follow Xiaobian together,

Take a look at the "Chinese clothing grand scene" of 8.16~




Wulin Gate Pier


The first boat of the Wulinmen Pier Rice Festival was launched at 5 o"clock, but rice was waiting at the dock as early as 3 or 4 o"clock.


The young ladies and sisters dressed in Hanfu and the archway of the Wulinmen Wharf have a glimpse of each other.



Cruise ship


Time is up, ship on time~


The rice was lined up in an orderly manner, and the banner of the tomb notes was hung on the boat, which attracted the cheers of the rice.



The rice plays "exclusive music" in the boat, everyone sing along with the music~ Finally, before leaving the boat, everyone also specially recorded a small video to support the rice festival!


Click to watch the support video



Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural District


After disembarking, it is the historical and cultural district of Qiaoxi, and the fairies on the street are endless.


A quaint neighborhood, a slim lady, the most beautiful view of the canal~


There are also many punching spots in the block, the lovely iron triangle is painted, and the rice festival is the best decoration.





Craftsmanship hall, as a collection point for lanterns.


Popular, hot!


Miss Hanfu’s sisters came to the living hall and found Xintiandi~

A variety of quaint traditional handicrafts are the best background for their group photo~


Before the oil paper umbrella



The rice leads the lanterns in an orderly manner.

After receiving the book, there is also a calligraphy in the circle to write the words of the stolen pen element.


Lantern with little fairy,

It is also a beautiful scenery~


Hanfu’s little brother also has a flavor~


After getting the lantern,

The little fairies can be turned around in the craft hall.

The Living Hall has also developed a number of “piracy techniques” for the rice festival.

Waiting for the rice to come and discover~


Concentrate on handmade rice~


Canal Goldstone Museum


Rice is blessed this time! The Jinshi Museum is a special event for the tomb notes.


Tomb notes, extensions, tomb notes, ash pile fan experience, tomb notes, brick carving, tomb notes, cultural shirts... many experiences, is simply a treasure of rice.



The experience of the Golden Stone Museum was also posted on Weibo.

Let many small partners who have not yet come to experience "Good-looking!"


Canal world


I visited the museum and got the lantern~


Rice, Qi Haohao soup, went to the canal world.


The canal world was set up early in the canal world. There are also a lot of signature walls.


Every time a rice festival, the signature wall will be written in a tight air...


This time, of course, is no exception~



First look at the newly installed signature wall



Look at the sacred appearance after the beginning of the rice festival.


Full of a signature wall, the secret of writing


Everywhere is rice confessing to the iron triangle~

Have you seen this big heart,

This is the full love of fans!


The large screen of the Canal World has been scrolling through the video works of the Tomb Notes.

Under the dark blue night sky,

Many rice stands in front of the big screen.

Relive those fragments that make them feel happy~