Service Center

Hangzhou Grand Canal Tourist Information Center  Consultation Hotline: 0571-88197508

The tourist information center is located in northwest of Gongchen Bridge within West Gongchen Bridge Historic and Cultural Block in Gongshu District and is adjacent to China Fan Museum and Handiwork Live Museum. The center is equipped with such facilities and functions as LCD TV, meeting room, guest lounge, free access of information, on-site consultation, reservation sales service, on-site public welfare consultation, tour route reservation sales service, plane ticket booking, hotel reservations, ticket booking for performances and shows and group reception.
Bus: Take bus No. K70, K23, K61, K591, K151, K33, K47 to Xiaohe Road or Gongchen Bridge Region

Address: Over West Gongchen Bridge Canal Cruise Terminal in Gongshu District

Service Time: From 8:30am to 5:00 pm


Dadou Road Foods and Leisure Specialized Service  Consultation Hotline: 0571-87322059

Bus: Take bus No. K151, K76, K516, K348 to Canji Xincun bust stop, then walk across the Jiangzhang Bridge; or take bus No. K76、K1 to North Hushu Road Crossing and then walk across the Daguan Bridge

Self-driving: head northward by Shangtang Viaduct—exit at Daguan Road Crossing—Daguan Road (turn left)—Lishui Road (turn left)—Dadou Road Foods and Leisure Themed Street


Xiaohe Street Culture Themed Block    Consultation Hotline: 0571- 88097156

Bus: Take bus No. K76, K1 to Chengzheng Bridge, then walk around 500m to the site

Self-driving: head northward along Shantang Viaduct—exit at Daguan Road Crossing— Shangtang Road—Dengyun Road—Xiaohe Road (turn left)—Xiaohe Street—Xiaohe Street Culture Themed Block


Tangxi Shuibei Customs Featured Street   Consultation Hotline: 15715716720

Bus No. K342: North Daguan (Auchan Supermarket) ——Tangxi
Bus No. K786: South Linping ——Tangxi
Bus No. K350: Jiaojiacun Bus Center——Tangxi
Bus No. K319: North Linping——Tangxi

Self-driving: head northward along Shangtang Road—Shixiang Road—Gongkang Road—Kangqiao Road—Tangkang Road—No.09 Provincial Road—Tangxi—Tangxi Shuibei Customs Featured Street   


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