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 If you feel that walking is too hard, riding a bike is a good way of tour. To facilitate citizens’ and tourists’ tour, Hangzhou has taken the lead in China to bring forward public bike renting system, which is called “small red bike” by Hangzhou citizens. About 10 public bike renting booths are set up at both banks of the canal, so people may borrow or return bikes by themselves. 

As long as you have Hangzhou bus IC card or citizen card whose bus function is opened and e-wallet has more than 200 Yuan balance, you may borrow or return bikes at renting service points. Citizens or tourists without bus IC card can bring identity card (or other certificates) and 300 Yuan deposit to bus IC card selling center at No. 20, Longxiang Road, Youth and Children’s Center, Wushan Square and Liu Lang Wen Ying (Oriole Singing in Green Willows) Park, and obtain Hangzhou public bike renting card. 

Rent is as follows: free of charge within one hour; one Yuan for one hour to two hours, two Yuan for two hours to three hours, and 3 Yuan per hour if the renting is above three hours. A knack is that within one hour, the tourist may return a bike and then borrow it again at any bike renting booth, so renting time will be reset. 

For more information about renting site, please visit company website:


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