Canal Culture
Hushu region was the main distributing center of freshwater aquatic products in ancient Hangzhou. According to historic record, West Zhejiang Plain is crisscrossed by rivers and lakes. Tangqi, Xinshi, Linghu and Yixiu abounded in fish and shrimps. Every day, a large number of fish and shrimps were transported to Hushu of Hangzhou. Dadou on the east bank of the Canal was a key fish market. In Republic of China period, there were over 20 fish merchants of various sizes in Dadou Road near Jiangzhang Bridge. At fall of dusk each day, fishing boats from various regions passed through Gongchen Bridge and Daguan Bridge and flocked to Dadou. Fishing boats thickly dotted waterfront along Heteng and Dadou Road, Fish dealer all started business in midnight and fish mongers crowded to Dadou via Huaguang Bridge to purchase fishes. Usually the fish and shrimps were sold off by day break. Many restaurants from downtown Hangzhou also came to buy fishes and shrimps here. Fish mongers near Dadou Road also came to purchase fresh fish and shrimps in midnight and went to downtown for sales before day break.
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