With total land area of 127,000 square meters, Xiaohe Street Historic Block is located at the junction of the Grand Canal, Xiaohe River and Yuhangtang River. Xiaohe Street had been the land and water transportation center for goods from south and north China since Southern Song Dynasty and had developed into independent Commercial Street in Qing Dynasty. At present, the street still preserves the ancient workshops, stores, wharfs and other historical relics. The waterfront storey houses flanked the street are featured white wall and black tiles, typical style of water town in Jiangnan. Half of the residents in the street are indigenous, who preserved folk customs and life style of ancient people living along Grand Canal and was called Hangzhou’s “last generation of original residents along Grand Canal”. In 2007, Xiaohe Street Historic Block was conferred “China Habitat Environment Model” award by Ministry of Construction.

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